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November Happenings

Another Successful Bake Sale on Election Day………



…..And the winner of our Raffle at the bake sale:


Sprucing up the Veterans’ Garden for Veterans’ Day………..


General Meeting Featuring Merle Schlesinger, Sogestu Ikebana……….






Decorating fun at the Exeter Historical Society. . . . .Lots of hands make light work, especially when their talented hands!






The End!


Ikebana Lessons for Our Gardens

Even if you do not aspire to make arrangements like the ones that Merle Schlesinger created before our eyes there is much to take away from her program.  Whether you draw out a design for your garden or (as is too often the case with me) wander around with pots of new plants in your arms trying to figure out where to put them, your garden will make you happier if you follow some of the ikebana principles.  Here are some I jotted down as Merle spoke:

  • Place your plants to encourage the eye to travel.  This is true whether you are planting a bowl of succulents or an acre.

  • Pay attention to negative space. The space between your plants is part of the design.

  • Plant in odd numbers and slightly off kilter.  Merle demonstrated this by creating a triangle with unequal sides. To use another example, if you are planting   a bunch  of daylily divisions place them in teardrop shape rather than a perfect circle.

  • Place plants with attention to mass, line, color (remember green counts as many colors), shape, and texture.

  • Keep in mind that a pleasing design has elements that advance and recede.  This effect can be created quite literally or more playfully with color and forced or false perspective.

  • With each of her designs Merle was careful to disguise her pin holder.  Similarly in the landscape it is usually a good idea to anchor specimen plants with underplantings.

  • Merle did not mention this but I noticed that she used repetition.

  • Finally, be sure to walk around and look at your garden from lots of angles, preferably with a glass of your favorite beverage.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Becky Mitchell

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Spring Happenings

Artful Arrangers-  General Meeting   04/21/2016

                                                                                  Tequila “Tea” with Terri                             Artful A HRG1

   Connie’s Chinese tea with Henry PuYu         IMG_1388

Dianna’s Tea with granddaughters, Madeline & Leah      IMG_1389

          Anne’s Tea in Ireland with Granddaughters

         Ann’s Dinner with the Marquis in Paris       Ann's dinner with the Marquis

                                                      Ann’s “Mint Julip” Tea at the Kentucky Derby                   IMG_1394

      Peg’s Tea with grandmothers brother in Belgium Circa 1800’s     IMG_1396

                                                Betsy’s Tea with family Penguins at Downton Abbey              IMG_1399

                                Linda’s Unbirthday Tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter in WonderlandIMG_1407

Decking The Halls!

We’ve been busy with making the yuletide bright! We even got ourselves a little something for the bandstand! Thanks to Ann H. and Nance for the pictures.

Spiffy New Sign for the Bandstand!

Spiffy New Sign for the Bandstand!

DYI Snowmen made at the Make It & Take It event held in early December

DYI Snowmen made at the Make It & Take It event held in early December

A delicate operation...

A delicate operation…


Keeping busy at the Make It & Take It party.



Arranging greens at the Historical Society

Decorating the sign with a little help from our friends!

Decorating the sign with a little help from our friends!


Makin’ a wreath.

Pretty Entranceway

Pretty Entranceway