Job Description – Civic Beautification Chairperson

The Civic Beautification Committee Chairperson makes plans for future community projects and presents them to the board for recommendation to the membership. The chairperson oversees the purchase of necessary materials, directs the projects undertaken by the club and recruits “hands on” working members to plant, maintain, and dismantle projects. The chairperson promotes cooperation within the local communities and with community officials.

For the summer season, the centrally located bandstand in downtown Exeter is decorated with window boxes and the base plantings of evergreen shrubs, Stella D’Or lilies and boxwood are complemented with annuals. This involves the preparation of the soil and site in early May, choosing and purchasing the plants, the planting of the boxes about 15 days before Memorial Day, setting the boxes in place and planting flowers around the base about five days before Memorial Day, and then dismantling the boxes and fall cleanup done the first or second week of October.

The Civic Beautification chairman is responsible for scheduling weekly maintenance by all willing members of EAGC.

Another commitment our garden club supports is the tending of the Stratham Veterans Garden located at Stratham Hill Park. This garden is comprised of 2 small gardens in front of the granite obelisks. The committee and other EAGC members maintain the gardens weekly during the summer. There are ceremonies held for our men and women who have served our country on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, so the club prepares the gardens for these occasions.

As a winter project, the Civic Beautification chairperson oversees the decoration of the Exeter Historical Society building and the placing of a wreath on the Folsom Tavern door. Materials are gathered and a workday scheduled for committee members and other willing EAGC members. Traditionally, wreaths and topiary trees enhance the entrance porch. Decorations need to be on display prior to the Christmas parade in Exeter.

The chair is expected to attend as many board meetings as possible during the club year. Whenever possible, photos and a write-up will be sent to the webmaster for inclusion on the website. The Civic Beautification budget is set by agreement between the board and the chair.

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