A Beautiful Year for the Exeter Bandstand

Nance J and her Civic Beautification committee have outdone themselves this year with the Bandstand plantings. The plant selection was perfect and the flower boxes have remained healthy and covered in blossoms, even into September. The eye-catching chartreuse coleus do a wonderful job of breaking up the greenery at the base of the Bandstand.

Thank you to Nance and her trusty assistants for choosing the flowers and planting them. And thank you to all the club members who volunteered for a week of maintenance.  Your efforts make the Bandstand the most photogenic spot in Exeter!


As you can see, even creatures from outer space want to be photographed here!

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4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Year for the Exeter Bandstand

  1. Sure looks incredibly beautiful – thanks to all of you!! I don’t know if it’s the best one ever but it has to be up at the top of the list. I bet it will be on some new photos to promote Exeter.

  2. I enjoy the sight of the bandstand every day on my walk through Exeter.
    The flowers are lovely. A couple of enjoyable hours of planting with a group of wonderful women and you get to enjoy the look all summer long.

  3. Nance, you made beautiful selections of plants. It does look wonderful and EAGC has made a valuable contribution to Exeter that is appreciated by so many, locals and visitors alike. Many hands make light work. Such a great club!

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