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Terri sent us several interesting tidbits that she found on the internet.

Number 1The first one is an article all about coffee.
Click this link to Dave’s Garden Website to gain more knowledge about our favorite morning wake-up.


Number 2The second, also from Dave’s Garden is a review of garden tools ‘n stools. Have a seat and find out what’s out there by clicking this link.


Number 3The third is a great kitchen tip about avoiding tears with onions. When cutting an onion, light a candle and place near your work area. The flame diminishes the potency of the chemical within the onion that causes you to cry.


Number 4And if all this isn’t enough, she sent us a great gift idea. I’m thinking April Fools Day or Halloween, myself, but the original article was for Valentine’s Day of all things. Click to read all about this chocolate covered gift.

Chocolate Covered Chipotle Chicken Feet - Eat them up, YUM!

Chocolate Covered Chipotle Chicken Feet – Eat them up, YUM!


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2 thoughts on “Terri’s Musings

  1. i am sorry, chocolate chicken feet are disgusting!!!! i thought it was a joke when i clicked on it to read…no joke..hard time keeping lunch down reading it! other than that, like the dave’s garden articles!

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