Decorating The Historical Society

Spreading the Cheer

The Civic Beautification Committee and other club members helped make decorations for the Exeter Historical Society last Wednesday (November 28). Looks like a good time was had in doing so. Nance got it all on film!

Some of the crew!

Bringing in the greens as the men look on.

Making Wreaths

More greens! We must have more greens!

Gotta get that pine cone just right.

The hanging of the swag.

A lovely topiary for the front.


A cheerful holiday entrance.

The rest of the crew after a good day’s work.



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One thought on “Decorating The Historical Society

  1. These girls know how to decorate! I was just the oasis girl.Oh i know that sounds exotic but really all i did was wet that stuff and then plopped them in the pots. The others knew how to fill the pots, trim the boxwood and make bows. I am impressed!

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