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November Happenings

What went on within EAGC in November, 2015?

General Meeting 11/19/2015

 Congratulations, Carol.

At our November general meeting, Carol Chambers was presented with Volunteer of the Year Award by Pati Frew-Waters, Director of Seacoast Family Promise, a local non-profit organization , incorporated in 2003,  to support families experiencing homelessness and living in poverty to find stable housing and regain and maintain their self-sufficiency.  The 501(c) (3) nonprofit relies on a unique model, pioneered nationally by Family Promise and successful in 41 states.

Initially EAGC became involved with Seacoast Family Promise through our 2013 Mini-Grant program, and with the help of another member, Patti Elwell, their garden flourished.  In 2014 Carol joined EAGC and began working as a Volunteer at the Family Promise Gardens.  She continued her work there in 2015, not only planting and helping maintain the gardens, but working with the families  who came to value her presence.  We are proud that she is a member of our club.

 Nov Mtg 2 (1)Nov Mtg5Nov Mtg 4

Nov mtg 6


Winter Growing Indoor Plants” by Art Scarpa

Nov mtg 8Nov mtg 9Novmtg7


 Decorating Historical Society November 30. 2015 for the Holidays

Historical Society 1

Historical Society 3

Historical Society 4

Hist 17Hist 16

Hist Soc 5

Hist Soc 6

Hist Soc 7

Historical Soc 2




Hist 20

Hist Soc 8


Hist Soc 11

Hist Soc 10

Hist Soc 14 (1)















October Happenings

What went on within the EAGC during October?

General Meeting 10/16/2015

Award Winners

Residential:  Kate and Darius Thompson, 15 Drinkwater Rd., Exeter
Residential Award1


 Commercial:  Great Bay Discovery Center  Commercial Award 3










           “The Language of Flowers” by Elizabeth Murphy of Exeter Flower Shop

Oct Gnl Mtg 7

Oct gnl mtg 5Oct Gnl mtg 6


Oct Gnl mtg 4

Oct Mtg8

Oct gnl mtg 3













 Design Workshop 10/21/15

Oct Dsgn 8













Oct Dsgn 7

Oct Dsgn 12












Oct Dsgn 10Oct Dsgn 5

Oct Dsgn Cl 2Oct Dsgn 6























 Susan Canada’s Promise Tree Luncheon 10/22/15

          “Southern Comfort”


SC Lnch1






SC Lunch 11SCLnch10
















SC Lnch3
SC lunch 13



sc lunch 14

SC Lnch2SC Lnch4SCLunch 7


SC Lnch5






2015 Award Winners Announced

Residential Award Winner:

Kathy Lewis Thompson and Darius Thompson, 14 Drinkwater Rd, Exeter

Thompsons award

This is what they started with:

Thompsons Before

…….And, this is what their work produced:

Thompsons1 Thompsons 2 Thompsons 3 Thompsons4 Thompsons 5 Thompsons6 Thompson 7 Thompson 8 Thompson 9Thompson 10

Beautiful…..Congratulations Kate and Darius.


Commercial Award Winner:

Great Bay Discovery Center, 89 Depot Road, Greenland

Commercial Award 3

Center: Kelle Laughlin, Director of Great Bay Discovery Center accepted the award for all the staff and volunteers of the GBDC and the GB National Estuarine  Research Reserve.

While our pictures display only two gardens, what started as one simple garden, the landscape has been transformed to many diverse gardens designed by staff and volunteers to enhance the teaching of environmental and cultural concepts.


The bright Butterfly garden shown here bursts with color including  a purple butterfly bush, indigo, four o’clocks, lavender, a winter berry bush and in the fall, goldenrod.

Great Bay 3

A quiet spot offers a bubbling stream with grasses and catails, grasses and evergreen.

Piscataqua Garden Club designed and maintains the Zig Zag Garden bordering the wheelchair path down to the boardwalk.  Something special meets the eye each season.  In early summer a low-growing pink and fuschia geraniums surround a tall, unique, sculpture made of weathered tree trunks.

A woodland shade garden features various ferns, hosta, Solomon seal and bleeding hearts and surrounding the flagpole is a cheerful display of  bright yellow marigolds, reddish orange ageratum and white dianthus.

An amphitheatre sprung from grape vines that have taken root, providing a shelter for a small child or two.  The grape vine produces grapes for the birds.

Next to this  natural shelter are three raised beds abundantly prolific in the summer with all kinds of vegetables for the volunteers to gather as they go home.

Behind the gardens is the 1/4 mile boardwalk bordered by a wet area, an open marsh filled with native phragmites.

The doghouse provides some summer greenery with its succulent roof!

In addition to all this wonderful landscaping, the GBDC is a green facility with solar roof, geothermal heating, porous asphalt driveway and walkway, green pavers and composting toilet.

Peaceful and lovely…..Congratulations, Green Bay Discovery Center













Awards Committee Announces Winners

As we all know, the Awards Committee is always on the lookout for homes and public places that have gardens worthy of our Exeter Area Garden Club Award. Awards are given in two specific categories: Residential and Public gardens. The committee looks for creativity, texture, color and longevity. Gardens that bloom in all three seasons with an aesthetic appearance are especially prized. Last season two beautiful places were selected.

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