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The Art of Kokedoma

Linda's Sweet Kokedoma

Linda’s Sweet Kokedoma

Linda G. took a workshop to make a charming kokedoma or as it it also known, a moss ball. She offered it as a promise tree item at the last meeting. You can find koedoma in garden centers as well. Air plants are often used, but regular plants work well too. They look pretty easy to make and are especially lovely when hung.

 To learn to make one yourself, go to this tutorial or watch this video.

A Victorian Garden On Appledore Island

During the last decades of the nineteenth century, Celia Thaxter’s beautiful garden was flourishing on Appledore Island. She wrote a book about her beloved garden called An Island Garden. Appledore is one of the nine Isles of Shoals, making her unique island garden not easy to visit. Filmmaker Peter Randall is making a film which will bring the story to those who can’t make the trip. View this video for a preview of the film.

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Are Your Impatiens Dying?

Nance went to Churchills the other day and was told that they will NOT be selling Impatiens this year because of the Downy Mildew disease. The same thing will happen if you replant impatiens in the same spot this year because Downy Mildew is still lurking in the soil. They suggest using Begonia, Coleus, Sunpatiens or New Guinea Impatiens instead.

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