Picnic At Pettengill Farm

Some of the members got together for a mid-summer informal meeting at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury MA where we enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch, chatted about pesky animals in the garden and shopped around for bargains. The folks at Pettengill made us feel quite welcome and even gave us each an annual to take home. Max took some snaps of this beautiful and interesting garden center.

Come on in and set a spell!

Come on in and set a spell!

Lovely display garden.

Lovely display garden.

Just thinkin'!

Just thinkin’!

We were all lookin' at something or other...

We were all lookin’ at something or other…

One proud chicken.

One proud rooster.

More gardens.

More gardens.

It's either a funky chicken or a pterodactyl....

It’s either a funky chicken or a pterodactyl….

Here's part of the crew.

Here’s some of the crew.







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2 thoughts on “Picnic At Pettengill Farm

  1. What a fun day! The weather was perfect and Pettengill’s is so interesting. They always have new & different plants to check out. Thanks for arranging it, Patti!

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