Lawn Art – Pink Flamingos Edition

A Photo Contest from the Smithsonian!

Classic Pink Flamingo. Notice the fine detailing on the wing.

Oooh, I just love these silly little birdies! What fun, that The Smithsonian magazine is having a photo contest to feature these pink beauties.  I read the article  just now and could not resist posting about it. Some of you have gotta have entry worthy shots – I’m looking at you, Betsy! Find the Contest Entry Application here.

Did you know they were first designed in 1957? The fake birds were made in Leominster, Mass, of all places!

If you enter the contest or just have some fun snaps for this website, send copies along to the Web Master and we will post them proudly!

Becky – I know you want to do this….

Found by Max

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One thought on “Lawn Art – Pink Flamingos Edition

  1. Oh I have soooo many! And which theme should i enter? They are so tacky and yet there is just a hint of fun about them. The oldest ones are really so much better than the newer models. Also the old ones have better legs and better positioning. Yeah, I know. Who really notices?

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