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Deer Me!

blueberry bushJust before Christmas I noticed that many of my blueberry bushes (that have beautiful red twigs in the winter) had been neatly cut down.  And on the diagonal like most gardeners would do when pruning.

So my first thought went to someone who wanted the twigs for a holiday decoration.  But it was still puzzling that someone would come up into my yard to do such a thing.  Turns out that it was a neighbor, but instead of ones with clippers, it was a tall, four-legged one!!

deer eating bushAt a recent meeting of the EAGC, I learned some interesting information. It turns out that although deer do not have top teeth they have a dental pad that is hard. Their teeth slope at an angle and so, yes indeed – the twigs are cut on the diagonal!

If you are seeing the same kind of “pruning” to your blueberry bushes, euonymus, arborvitae, or whatever, it is time to look into deer away methods!



What’s In Your Yard?

Snowy Animal TracksMax found some pretty big tracks in the yard the other day with a distinctive footprint. Thanks to the animal print quiz that the Environment & Conservation committee had at the last meeting, she now knows that it was a raccoon. No wonder Jax the cat was all riled up the night before! The photo at the left is not from Max’s yard! Good thing.

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