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March and April Happenings

…..And what has the club and its members been up to over the last couple of months?

Well, here’s a few things that kept our members busy:


In March, we had a joint meeting with the Rye Driftwood Club, held in Rye and featuring Kerry Ann Mendez with her program, “Double your Pleasure with Perennials Featuring Flashy Foliage & Flowers”  




Then, in early April our monthly board meeting was held at Seacoast School of Technology in Exeter, and all members were invited for a greenhouse tour  before our meeting began.  A dozen or so members attended. When our club offers a scholarship, it is awarded to a student from SST’s Plant and Animal Sciences Program.  In light of that, all members attending agreed it was very interesting to learn about SST’s offerings and to actually see some of the projects that are in process.   As it turns out, this year we will be awarding a scholarship to a well-deserving student who will soon be announced.

 Take a look at some of what we saw:





On April 22, LuAnn and Carole C organized a fabulous fundraiser, “Treasures & Bargains”, an Indoor Yard Sale at the Stratham Municipal building.    A huge thanks to LuAnn and Carole for pulling this together.     We not only raised over $1700. for the club, we help members’ clean out their attics and garages and recycled items of use to others.  A win-win for everyone involved.   Thanks also to all the workers at the event and to you, our members, for donating your old treasures.


 At our April General Meeting, Linda Gephart presented “Botanical Water Colors Mini-Class Featuring Tulips”, where she taught members to paint tulips with watercolors:







Members of the Civic Beautification committee gathered at Churchill’s to plant the flower pots that will later be planted at the Exeter Bandstand.  Wait to you see this years colors!








At the end of April, about a dozen members gathered at Carole C’s home for what was called a”Soup Luncheon”, but judging by the photos that follow, members not only enjoyed Butternut Squash Soup,  Corn Chowder and Tortellini Soup, but many other tasty delights!


February Happenings

At the February General Meeting, our club’s ” Artful Arrangers” presented floral interpretations of paintings by well-known artists.  Each arrangement was backed by a board displaying the painting and a photograph of the artist.  Arrangers gave an introduction to the artist, highlighting his or her life and style of painting, followed by insights on their floral creation and the accessories they chose to interpret their painting. 

 Membership enjoyed learning more about the artists, the paintings, the time periods, and details concerning choice of flowers, colors, accessories, containers, and the very different styles of arrangements.  

The Design Committee thanks Susan Canada for her hospitality and those members who volunteered to be an Artful Arranger this year, including Jill who interpreted Pablo Picasso for the refreshment table. 

–Ann and Connie, Design Committee


 Claude Monet, 1840-1926, Woman Reading or Springtime, 1872, interpreted by Betsy A. 


Mary Cassatt (1844-1926), At The Theater (Lydia Cassatt Leaning On Her Arms, Seated In A Loge), 1880, interpreted by Lynne B.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir, (1841-1919), Dance at Bougival, 1883, interpreted by Carol C. 

  Diego Rivera (1886- 1957), Girl With Sunflowers, 1943, interpreted by Carole C

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), The Starry Night,1889, interpreted by Betsy V


Salvadore Dali, (1904-1984), Swans Reflecting Elephants, 1937, interpreted by Ann S


                                Jackson Pollock (1912-1956), No. 5, 1948, interpreted by Linda V     















December Happenings

To brighten our homes for the holiday, EAGC members gathered  to make wreaths and create arrangements sharing a variety of evergreens, cones, and berries gathered from our yards.  Tables were piled high with fresh boughs of pine, fir, holly, juniper, arborvitae, dried orange slices, and pine cones…and what a very good year this was for winterberry!   Under the tutelage of Connie Gilmore and Ann Hohenberger, many beautiful showpieces were created:

Connie & Ann wish to thank to all who participated and contributed flora from their gardens. 


We gathered in December at the Wentworth Country Club in Newcastle, where we enjoyed a delicious luncheon of Maple Glazed Salmon or Beef Tenderloin.  We heard our fearless leaders, Betsy & Jill, recite their version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”  which cleverly included all our members and depicted Santa Claus as a “Hunk”!


We always seem to have great fun when we gather and take a look at some of the wonderful gifts exchanged:


Last, but never least, came Betsy’s Holiday Swap, and it did not disappoint-great food and drink, great friends and great gifts?!?!  Here we go:



An M & M Machine, of course!





A noisy chair pad!


Jill needs an extra large beer stein to make it through our meetings!



An Electric Outhouse- just what I needed!

And here come the specialized dishes:


A Crab dish, how special!


Flower Pot Lunch Plates


Covered Baked Potato Dish-what everyone needs!


A nice fish dish needs a fish face, right!?


Packed in for this annual “must attend” event:





November Happenings

Another Successful Bake Sale on Election Day………



…..And the winner of our Raffle at the bake sale:


Sprucing up the Veterans’ Garden for Veterans’ Day………..


General Meeting Featuring Merle Schlesinger, Sogestu Ikebana……….






Decorating fun at the Exeter Historical Society. . . . .Lots of hands make light work, especially when their talented hands!






The End!