Succe$$ful Yard Sale

Cleaning Up!

Susan tells us that the Yard Sale at Stratham Hill Park made $394.74. Not bad for a morning’s work! Thanks to everyone who worked on this event or donated items to sell.  Betsy was good enough to take leftovers to the Swap Shop, so some items live on! Here’s the crew, thanks to Nance and her camera…..

Ready to box your order!

Come, see our wares.

You can't sell this!

Hey, you can’t sell this!

Hey you - buy some stuff!

Hey you over there,  buy some stuff!

Yard Sale 2

Very Friendly Sales Staff



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4 thoughts on “Succe$$ful Yard Sale

  1. I was actually cuddling with Barbara for warmth 🙂 The morning was fun, and hope fully we can bring in an extra few dollars with the leftover stuff I will still try to sell at my yard sale this weekend!

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