Growing Orchids At Home

Beautiful White Orchid

Beautiful White Orchid

Mike Mattozzi

Mike Mattozzi gets to the root of the matter.

At the last meeting our guest speaker was Mike Mattozzi, President of the NH Orchid Society. He described himself as an avid orchid hobbyist who has been growing them for many years. He explained to members how anyone can grow orchids if they understand 4 basic requirements:

• Temperature
• Sunlight
• Humidity
• Hydration

Not all orchids have the same requirements, so it is important to know your environment and buy plants that will be happy in it. Ann S. brought in her ailing orchid to get Mike’s opinion. He decided that there was hope for it and gave it a make over.

First he put the plant in a bowl of water to check the roots for signs of life. After a half hour, the roots that were viable puffed up and turned green. He then trimmed off the dead roots and planted them in a mulch like mix that orchids like to grow in. Since they grow on the bark of trees in the wild, they do not like being planted in dirt. He trimmed off brown leaves and declared the orchid to be on the way to recovery. It even had a healthy looking flower spike starting. Ann was happy to have saved a plant that day.

For more information on orchids, visit the New Hampshire Orchid Society website. The link is in the side bar.

Anne's Orchid Before

Ann’s Orchid Before

Anne's Orchid After

Ann’s Orchid After

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