Resources for Native NH Pollinator Plants

The University of New Hampshire Extension is an excellent source of information about native plants. Here is one link, but consider searching their site for more information.

Native plants can be difficult to find in nurseries. Become knowledgeable about identifying natives and make a list of the plants you’re looking for before shopping. Nursery staff can be helpful, but check labels carefully to make sure your purchase is a native pollinator. Contact your local nurseries to find out if they stock natives and encourage them to do so if they don’t. Here is a link to some local nurseries that carry native plants. These are not the only ones – do your own research to find others.

Use the internet in your search. There are online nurseries that specialize in natives and pollinators. Look for gardening websites and Facebook pages for more information.

Keep in mind, when choosing your plants, that drought tolerant plants are preferrable. Indications are that our summers are becoming drier and will continue to do so in the long term. To avoid constant watering and to ensure plant survival, drought tolerant is the way to go.

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