Job Description – Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for maintaining and updating the club website. They must coordinate with Membership on a regular basis to keep the member database current. Chairs of the various committees will submit information to the coordinator, which she will relay to the membership via the club’s Gmail account or through the website in a timely fashion. Minutes of meetings, budgets, and Horticulture Tips are submitted to the website on a monthly basis to be added to the website.

Each month, the coordinator compiles an online newsletter for the membership, comprised of info submitted by chairs and officers, photos of club events, notices of upcoming club and public events, and any other items that would be of interest to the members. This newsletter will be published on the club blog, “Garden Talk”, which is viewable by the public. The coordinator sends an email from the club Gmail to notify members that the newsletter is available on the website.

The coordinator is also responsible for overseeing the club’s Gmail account, which is our means of communication with the public as well as our membership. Frequent checks should be made for incoming mail, which should be answered or forwarded to the appropriate officer or committee chair. As part of monitoring the Gmail account, the coordinator must keep the “Contacts” list (the email addresses of all members) up to date to assure that every member gets club communications.

The coordinator will work with Go-Daddy and WordPress to resolve any website issues and will make sure expenses for the club’s domain name, hosting fee, and other website fees are paid.

The Communications Coordinator also oversees the Public Relations representative and the management of the club’s Facebook page. The Public Relations representative writes, prepares, and submits news releases and publicity, including photos, for monthly general meetings and all club events to local newspapers and publications. This includes information on club meeting dates, speaker appearances, club activities, mini-grant applications, and any other information that is deemed necessary to provide to the general public.

The coordinator should attend as many general meetings as possible. The budget for the website will be determined by the coordinator and the board.

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