Job Description – Programs

The Program Committee Chairperson works with the committee members to arrange and schedule the monthly events and/or speakers for the coming year while staying within the budget provided by the Board. The chairperson informs the editor of the yearbook of the program schedule by August 1. It is the chair’s responsibility to gather information for the Communications and PR chairpersons in a timely manner.

The chairperson provides a contract for each speaker and submits this information to the treasurer for payment. The chairperson makes necessary arrangements for the speakers’ presentation needs in the form of display tables, visual aids, borrowed equipment, and room preparations. It is the duty of the chairperson to confirm the speaker’s attendance. In case of a cancellation, this committee will arrange for a substitution.

At the general meeting, the chairperson or designee welcomes the speaker on arrival, helps with any setup needs, and introduces him/her to the members prior to the presentation or event. A committee member could take pictures for inclusion on our website. Additional tasks are to send a written note via mail or email thanking each speaker and to keep a speaker history. The committee should gather suggestions and recommendations from the membership to ensure we have entertaining, informative and unique presentations. The committee members could attend other club programs to review potential speakers. Great Programs will serve to inspire, educate, and entertain the audience; and enhance the clubs’ public image. The chairperson, or representative from the committee, is expected to attend as many Board meetings as possible during the club year.

Last updated 9/2/2022

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