Job Description – Environment & Conservation Chairperson

The Environment and Conservation Committee Chairperson works with the committee to keep the membership informed of current environmental and conservation issues. Together they plan presentations for the general meeting each month. This includes monthly displays, informational handouts and special events.

If funded, the E&C Chairperson, along with the committee, organizes, publicizes, and chooses recipients for the annual mini-grants. The application is updated on the website each year. Applications are due by May 1st; the committee meets and chooses recipients early in May; and checks are mailed by May 15th.  Those who are funded, and those who are not, need to be notified.  Funded gardens are visited and photographed during the summer for a presentation made at the September general meeting.

The Chairperson is expected to attend as many board meetings as possible during the year.  Photos of displays or events and notice of upcoming programs will be sent to the web manager for inclusion on the website.  The Environment and Conservation budget is set by agreement between the board and the chairperson.

June, 2021

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