2016 Award Recipients

2016 Civic Beautification Residential Award Recipient – It’s a Tie!

The Awards Committee has had a banner season.  We were fortunate to have seen several beautiful gardens this summer.   Congratulations to Carol and Jack Fermery, Hampton Falls, and Judy & David Walters, Stratham, on your well-deserved awards.


The Walters’ property at 13 Vineyard Dr, Stratham, was  built  several years ago and all their gardens were started from scratch.  They did bring a few of their favorite plants from their Portsmouth home where they also had very large gardens.

Prior to Portsmouth, Judy and David owned Pickity Place in Mason, NH, for 25 years where they also maintained exquisite gardens.  Their current house is surrounded on all four sides with wonderful blooming plants, bushes, and trees.  Mixed in with the perennials are many vegetable plants which add a unique texture to the gardens, and they also have several potted plants along the paths and on their  deck.

Judy and David visit garden centers in the spring for new ideas and when they travel, they do the same thing. Asked how they decide on which new plants to purchase, David said “the plants pick her”.  There are blooming plants and trees during all three seasons on their beautiful property.  Take a peek:








The other equally outstanding award-winning property with gardens is located at 2 Applewood Dr.,  Hampton Falls, and is owned by Carol & Jack Fermery.

The Fermery’s transformed a few acres of Applecrest Orchards into beautiful formal gardens, retaining apple trees in the side yard.    They moved from NY twenty-two years ago and as Carol said, “Jack has been designing and creating the gardens ever since”, while she is the “maintenance person.”  They have a very detailed map and plan of all the gardens,  and  they do all the gardening themselves.

The front entrance to their home is flanked by eight crabapple trees with deep red blossoms in May, on either side of the driveway and a blue spruce in the center island. And, despite visits by Mr. Groundhog, the Fermery’s have maintained a garden of tulips, hibiscus, fox glove, salvia roses and delphiniums.

Beyond the pool in the back yard and also on the side of the house there are large formal gardens – some with fountains, and there is also an overseeing angel sculpture that compliments the picture. In spite of dry conditions we’ve had, the flower gardens have flourished with a wonderful array of variety and color.  Take a look:












Civic Beautification Commercial Award


The Provident Bank at 95 Portsmouth Ave, Exeter, was awarded the Commercial Award for its welcoming display of colorful plantings and design.  In addition certificates were presented to GreensKeepers for accentuating the bank with glorious window boxes and containers overflowing with bright pink petunias among sweet potato vine, accented with yellow with lantana, and to WJ Brunet Landscaping for transforming the parking lot with eye catching beds of lilies, cleone, petunias, roses, blue indigo and grasses and a great variety of plants and color.








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