2013 Beautification Awards

As we all know, the Awards Committee is always on the lookout for homes and public places that have gardens worthy of our Exeter Area Garden Club Award. Awards are given in two specific categories: Residential and Public gardens. The committee looks for creativity, texture, color and longevity. Gardens that bloom in all three seasons with an aesthetic appearance are especially prized. Last season two beautiful places were selected.

At the October meeting, Remick & Gendron Funeral Home – Crematory of 811 Lafayette Road, Hampton was awarded for the public category. The beautiful plantings on the building exterior and grounds were designed by Kathy McRae of Gardens East in Hampton.

Lovely plantings on the porch.

Lovely plantings on the porch.


Beautiful grounds.

Beautiful grounds.

At the January meeting yesterday,  Jean & Charlie Tucker of Exeter won the prize for best residential garden. In addition to beautiful flower beds, they have a large vegetable garden that is both handsome and productive. The vegetable garden is shared with their tennant and the neighbors.

2012 Awards 4

A wonderful vegetable garden abounds.

Colorful foliage and flowers for all seasons.

Lush, colorful foliage and flowers for all seasons.

The recipients were quite pleased to get their award for excellence in gardening. Lets reward the hard work that our local gardeners do by taking notice of the beauty that they create. Members can help out the Awards Committee by reporting wonderful spots that they come across in the area.

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