Fiesta Salad

from Betsy Vershay

Makes 6 – 8 side salads

1 can Black Beans, drained & rinsed
1 cup frozen White Corn, thawed & drained
1 Red Pepper, diced
1 Green Pepper, diced
1 Yellow or Orange Pepper, diced
1 cup Celery, chopped, include center leaves, if desired
1½ cups of Grape Tomatoes, halved
1 cup Cucumber, diced & seeded
½ Red Onion, chopped small
½ cup Asiago Cheese, chopped

  1. Mix vegetables together and sprinkle cheese on top. I use Wishbone  Robusto Italian dressing on the salad.

Note: This really can be made with any favorite vegetables. Just keep with the base of the black beans and the corn being consistent. Chopped  fresh herbs, especially basil, can also be added. And if you like more cheese that works too.

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