Rose Scented Geranium Lemonade

This lemonade was featured at the Herb Committee’s Scented Geranium display in April 2011. It is a refreshing summer time drink.

from Maxine Forward

1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar
10 Rose Scented Geranium Leaves (rinsed & dried)
1 cup fresh Lemon or Lime Juice
chilled Water, to serve

  1. In a small pot boil water with sugar. Remove from heat, add leaves and let infuse until cold. If possible let stand overnight.
  2. Remove and squeeze out leaves over the pot to catch the flavors. Add lemon or lime juice.
  3. Pour into bottle or pitcher and refrigerate.
  4. To serve, add 2 tablespoons or to taste of this concentrate to each cup of chilled water and mix well. You could also add the syrup to a pitcher and add a proportional amount of water. Serve over ice in a goblet garnished with a small scented geranium leaf or rose petals.

Note: It will keep for two weeks if refrigerated.

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