What’s In Your Yard?

Snowy Animal TracksMax found some pretty big tracks in the yard the other day with a distinctive footprint. Thanks to the animal print quiz that the Environment & Conservation committee had at the last meeting, she now knows that it was a raccoon. No wonder Jax the cat was all riled up the night before! The photo at the left is not from Max’s yard! Good thing.

Check out your prints with the handy track card that was provided by the NH Fish & Game Department.


Animal Tracks

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2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Yard?

  1. Thanks for following up on our January display, Max. It’s always nice to know that someone is paying attention! I have also lost a silver earring, but it is a silver ball dangling one that I wore on Thursday.

  2. We have also had quite a few tracks. The ones that worry me most are the deer tracks that seem to go from rhododendrons,to azaleas, like a take-out window. Next year I may use Terrie’s fishing line trick.

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