A Victorian Garden On Appledore Island

During the last decades of the nineteenth century, Celia Thaxter’s beautiful garden was flourishing on Appledore Island. She wrote a book about her beloved garden called An Island Garden. Appledore is one of the nine Isles of Shoals, making her unique island garden not easy to visit. Filmmaker Peter Randall is making a film which will bring the story to those who can’t make the trip. View this video for a preview of the film.

This looks like a worthy project and it would be fantastic if Peter Randall could complete it. He is inviting the public to help raise $5,000 for post production costs on Kickstarter which is an online site that promotes the arts by fund raising. The Webmaster liked the project so much she has already pledged some of her own money to help. You can help too! Click this Kickstarter link to see more about the project, Celia’s garden and how to donate.

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2 thoughts on “A Victorian Garden On Appledore Island

  1. I go to Star Island every September it is a retreat called Midweek 1, 5 DAYS OF BLISS, We take a boat over to see Celia Thaxters Garden each year it is lovely, also bird banding is done there. There are no meetings , we sing ,read, sleep,have a happy hour before a delicious Evening meal, drink more wine, laugh a lot,go to chapel if you want. All meals are served Buffet style in a huge dining hall in the Hotel, food is Yummy and bread etc made on premises. I have made some wonderful Dear Friends there, I have been going for 8 years now. It is very low key and simple,check it out at Star Island .com. You can wear your p.j.s all day if you want to. We go out each AM to watch the sunrise it is Breathtaking, and every Evening lots of us sit in the rocking chairs on the massive porch of the Hotel to see and take photos of the sunset. The rooms are very simple, no TV or phones, its great, sorry to go on and on, but I love it so much. I could say much more, but that’s enough for now. If anyone would like to read Celia Thaxter’s books I have a couple.

  2. This is one of my favorite spots too. Have loved it since i was very little.
    Peter Randall helped my father publish his book on tithe barns when my dad was 90. Peter is not just a publisher but a really excellent photographer.

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