Vermicomposting Expert To Speak

Dem Worms!

Hungry Compost WormDemystifying the art of vermicomposting, a.k.a. worm composting, is Joan O’Connor‘s mission in life. “As long as you don’t freeze, bake, or drown the red wiggler worms, they are the most efficient yet simplest way to turn organic waste into rich garden compost,” she says.

She will be giving a lecture on this topic at the Thursday, January 17 meeting which the public is welcome to attend.

Joan & Her Minions

Joan & Her Minions

Joan, a onetime beekeeper, gave up that life after being stung one too many times. She decided in the ’90s to have a simpler and less painful life. She purchased a one room school house in Henniker, New Hampshire without plumbing and took to the farming life. She began to study the art of vermicomposting. She discovered that the equipment needed for worm composting is very minimal and ideally suited for a business to pursue out of her small living space. She volunteers for the Henniker Recycling Committee, the Henniker Garden Club, the Henniker Historical Society, the Monadnock Herb Society, and also participates in various area farmers’ markets.

She will teach you how to compost with worms too. You can even buy your worms from her! Recycle your food scraps and feed those little wrigglers! In return they will make you the best compost ever!



Check out her website for more information.




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