Variegated Rubber Plant – NOT!

Does anyone know why my variegated rubber plant is acting strange?

You can see that many of the leaves are variegated white and green. The leaves in the front are solid green. Not as pretty, in my opinion. It started going that way a couple of years ago. What is most astounding is that both types of leaves are on one branch! I am very much stumped by this one.

Thanks, Max.

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2 thoughts on “Variegated Rubber Plant – NOT!

  1. Nice and healthy looking, Max!

    Years ago, I bought several peony bushes. Three were the same, i.e. the HUGE blooms that you get from the bushes. The fourth one seemed to have the regular sized peony plant blooms and the rest of the blooms were the very large as in a peony bush. Maybe two species got married or something??????? Dunno!

  2. This “reversion” happens very often in variegated plants: another common example, golden pothos, philodendrons. The natural all-green state is genetically dominant, so when a new branch forms, the weaker genes for variegation do not always come through. Cut out the reverted branch, and go on as if nothing had happened.

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