Using Webinars for Garden Education

So what is a webinar you ask?

seed saversA webinar is an seminar that is run on the internet.  It is a great learning tool because you never have to leave the comfort of your pjs to attend!  An especially nice thing if you live in NH in the winter…

The Seed Savers Exchange website offers many webinars related to many aspects of gardening and seed saving.  They offer new webinars every month but also have many of their webinars archives so that you can watch whenever you are interested.  Most of them last about an hour, but should you need to take a break, it is as easy as pushing the pause button.  If you like to take note and find you missed some information, you can back it up and hear what was said again!

Some of the webinars that they are currently offering in their archives include:

  • Planning your Garden for Seed Saving
  • Apple Grafting
  • Basic Seed Saving for Beginners
  • Corn Hand-Pollination
  • Squash Hand-Pollination
  • Tomato Seed Saving
  • Seed Storage
  • Home Germination testing

Some great new webinars that are coming up include March with a seed starting workshop and October with planting garlic.  Check them out!  If you are interested in learning more about seed saving they also have a wonderful blog full of fascinating information.  Enjoy your cup of coffee with a webinar the next snowy winter day!  ~Patti

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