Tomato Hornworm Invasion

20140803_082952I have seen signs of tomato hornworms on my tomatoes. Dead and dying stems are the sure sign that they are invading. But today I discovered one of the invaders! It turns out that he is being invaded by his own attackers: a small wasp that is taking over and consuming his body. I was very happy to see all these little white eggs on his back when I discovered him today. As these hatch more will be available to help take care of any other tomato hornworms that may be lurking. This is one of the reasons I do not use chemicals on my plants to take care of pests, mother nature can do a pretty good job on her own if you just give her a chance!  Patti

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4 thoughts on “Tomato Hornworm Invasion

  1. Mother (Nature) knows best. Hope all those wasps eat their fill and you have a bumper crop of tomatoes.
    Have you even had time to sit in your chair and have some chilled tea?

  2. It’s gruesome to think about but it’s bug versus bug out there; in some cases it pays to just stand by as a human and let Mother Nature do her thing.

  3. Love those little wasps !
    Unfortunately blight got my tomato plants before the tomato worm could get them. And also the chipmunks who take one bite and discard the grape tomatoes on my steps. I should use the “bucket of death”.

  4. Seeing those little white eggs on a hornworm thoroughly grosses me out! I know the wasps are performing a good deed for me, but I wish they would kill the hornworm from the inside out, instead of the outside in, so I wouldn’t have to witness the carnage. The process would make for a good horror movie.

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