The Tomato Alphabet

23 days ’till spring and soon it will be planting time!!  Watch the countdown here:
Are you trying to choose the best tomatoes to grow when spring finally arrives? Open pollinated/heirloom varieties offer the best assortment of choices but if you have issues with certain tomato diseases, you may want to try a hybrid. Below is a chart that shows what the letters in seed catalogs and on seed packet mean when indicating tomato disease resistance.
Hybrid DOES NOT mean it is GMO. A hybrid vegetable is created when plant breeders intentionally cross-pollinate two different varieties of a plant, aiming to produce an offspring, or hybrid, that contains the best traits of each of the parents. Cross-pollination is a natural process that occurs within members of the same plant species.
GMO plants, on the other hand, are the result of genetic engineering. (“GMO” stands for “genetically modified organism.”) This is a process during which the plant’s DNA is altered in a way that cannot occur naturally, and sometimes includes the insertion of genes from other species.
tomato disease codes
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3 thoughts on “The Tomato Alphabet

  1. Thanks, Iwill try again , as i do every year, to raise some disease free tomato plants. Haven’t yet gotten through a season without wilt or something. But I am always hopeful!

  2. Patti, you are always a font of knowledge and always willing to share.
    As Betsy said, gardeners are always hopeful as we continue to plant and watch for that wonderful fresh green color to sprout and buds to pop out.
    Yeah Spring!

  3. I can’t grow tomatoes (not here to provide water and not enough sun at our place in Maine), but I want to speak up for the splendid taste of oxheart. This article about Oxheart tomatoes, coincidentally, appeared in an email from Horticulture magazine this morning:

    If you want a versatile tomato try growing an oxheart variety. Oxheart tomatoes grow large and hold few seeds, making them easy to use in many ways.

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