The Horror!

Deer PestSue Johnson here!
I need help BIG time!  I believe that all the deerses in this area have had a smorgasbord these past few nights.  I have ALL the leaves chomped off of at least 30 some odd hostas.  And that of course means my garden looks like it has single celery stalks sticking out of the ground.
I have never had a problem like this in the almost 30 years of living here.  Obviously, they can’t be salvaged for this year, but what about next year?  What can I do to prevent their ravenous chewing?
Any suggestions will be certainly appreciated! Please leave a comment, give me a call or send an email.


Web Master’s note: Here is a video with some info on keeping out deer. Also plant some barberry in your yard. Deer hate them. Help Sue out! Send her your suggestions.


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5 thoughts on “The Horror!

  1. Oh I am soooo sorry! Look up NH Hostas at since they are local and may know more about whether or not the hosts will survive. Hostas as we all know are the deer’s favorite candy.

  2. Oh Sue, I know what you are going through. The deer eat mine every year when they first flush out. They do come back. Mine were eaten this spring and one have new leaves and flower stalks on the,
    They are super resilient plants.

    I never have treated the hosta as I offer them up to deer in hope s they will leave my shrubs alone. That said, I have had great luck keeping deer away by using bars of old fashioned gold dial soap bars wrapped in netting. I tie the bars to the shrubs, but you could stake them in the hosta. You can not use the scented soaps, only the original. Best of luck, your plants should survive. I had some that spent a winter above ground while house renno was going on.
    Linda Van de Car

  3. Some people also have luck using Milorganite fertilizer – the smell of human excrement apparently keeps them away. (It’s not detectable to humans though!) It’s not foolproof but may be enough to encourage the deer to nibble on your neighbor’s plants instead.

  4. From Becky –
    Planting barberries to deter deer or for any reason is a no-no. It is on the invasive species list and is no longer available for sale in the state. I have one remaining in my garden and its removal is on my fall list of chores.

    Looks like my barberry idea wasn’t so good after all! I got schooled!!

  5. Thanks for any thoughts, folks! I do appreciate it.

    I use an holistic vet and I was there today. I was telling her of the problem, and she mentioned that she uses “dried blood”, which apparently is cow blood. She says she has had good results as a deterrent, plus it does have a fertilizing component to it, along with being organic.

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