The Doctor Is In!

Last fall Dr. Tomato, a.k.a. David O’Connor, came to give us a talk about dirt. That’s right, DIRT! He spoke of the importance of having healthy, rich soil to grow flowers and vegetables in. He came dressed for the part, wearing bright red scrubs. During the talk, he mentioned the castle that he built himself and invited us to come for a visit.

Now I don’t know about you, but the short, bleak days of November, make me think of castles. I’m not sure why really, I guess they just have that medieval vibe. I bring this whole episode up because a bunch of us decided to take the good doctor up on his offer and went last the spring on a dark and stormy day. He demanded a tribute of home baked cookies in return for a tour of his operation which Patti was good enough to provide.

The Castle of Dr. Tomato

His property was indeed something to see. There is a castle and it is built next to what is essentially a cliff. You can not see it in the picture as trees and vegetation are obscuring it. I was a bit disappointed that there was no moat, but no matter. There was plenty to see. He had several green houses and tons of tomatoes and other plants for sale. He also had a mushroom house that he grows shitakes in. I know he made some sales that day. I, for one, bought his mushrooms. I cooked them up that night and have to say that they were the best damned shitakes I have ever eaten.

I could hardly wait to get into the castle. After the tour of the grounds ended, we were invited in. He worked very hard to make the castle seen authentic. It was filled with medieval artifacts and artwork. There were bagpipes and everything. He is also a rope walker at Renaissance Fairs. A talented, eccentric man is he. We all enjoyed a cup of tea and cookies as we sat around the banquet table. He did not offer to play the bagpipes. For that, I was grateful.

Lynda brought her camera and has provided these great snaps of our trip. If you get a yen for something different, go visit. He has days that are open to the public. For more info, check his website.

Reported by Max.

Best bathroom ever! Don’t you love the lion?

Chainmale Armor Guards the Bed of Dr. Tomato

Intrepid Travelers Awaiting Entry to Castle Anam Cara

Dr. Tomato Considers a Tomato


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2 thoughts on “The Doctor Is In!

  1. Thanks for jogging my memory with the pictures, Max! That was quite an interesting field trip. Dr. Tomato is the living definition of “eccentric.” But he sure knows his vegetables!

  2. That day, Dr. Tomato had a broken arm after falling off his tightrope – the 20th time he has broken his arm !!!!!!! Also, he told me to GET OUT of his throne at the head of the table as he did not want any Bloody British person in it!

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