The Beacon Hill Garden Tour

Show Program.  Yes, we saw this garden!

Show Program. Yes, we saw this garden!

The Webmaster regrets that she missed the May compost meeting, but she was on assignment in Boston attending The Beacon Hill Garden Tour. What can I say? It was pretty fabulous. We got to see 12 hidden gems in the beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood. Most of the gardens were quite fetching and ranged from the stately to the whimsical. Guess which ones the webmaster liked best. A number of them could only be reached by going through the owner’s homes which was a treat in itself.

Boston in the springtime is really lovely – everything in bloom. It makes you want to move to the city. On Beacon Hill, of course. One of the trends that I noticed was the display of window boxes. They were everywhere and all quite different. Sticking pussy willows into them was quite popular. Fountains were also prolific.

Here are a few snaps to give you a taste! Check out the Whimsy Fish website to see more!

Pansy & Pussy Willow Windowboxes

Pansy & Pussy Willow Window Boxes

Cherub Fountain

Cherub Fountain

Boston 12

Tulip Garden

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3 thoughts on “The Beacon Hill Garden Tour

  1. Max, what a wonderful field trip. The gardens must have been fabulous. Seeing inside the houses would also have been a treat. Glad you could go and thanks for sharing (teasing ).

  2. Wow! These show just how a small gardens can have big impacts, especially in a city where green is hard to come by! Sorry you couldn’t make the meeting but this looks like it was very impressive and not to be missed!

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