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Fungus Woes

There is Always Some Damn Thing…

I happen to have both juniper and crabapple trees in my yard that usually look quite beautiful. The crabapples were especially pretty this year. Not especially pretty were the orange “mushrooms” infesting my juniper. Upon investigation I discovered that cedar/junipers and apple/crabapple trees can be an unfortunate combination. Wikipedia offered some enlightening information. And yes – I did notice spots on my crabapple leaves last year.

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Are Your Impatiens Dying?

Nance went to Churchills the other day and was told that they will NOT be selling Impatiens this year because of the Downy Mildew disease. The same thing will happen if you replant impatiens in the same spot this year because Downy Mildew is still lurking in the soil. They suggest using Begonia, Coleus, Sunpatiens or New Guinea Impatiens instead.

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