Supplies For The Herbal Wreath Workshop

Herbal WreathThe Design Committee is having an Herbal Wreath Making Workshop for members on Wednesday, October 23 at the Exeter Senior Center on 30 Court Street Exeter, NH. The fun begins at 2:00. The cost is expected to be $8 for Connie and $8 for Lynda ($16 total). You can pay at the workshop. Correct change would make things easier.

Participants will be provided with a 10″ wreath form, a roll of florist tape and a roll of florist wire. Bring your clippers and your choice of herbs – culinary or ornamental, fresh or dried, your choice. Look at the rim of a 10″ plate to figure how much material you will need. It takes quite a lot because we make small bundles of each kind to arrange around the circle.

Rosemary, sage, mint, lavender and thyme are excellent herbs for a wreath. You will need a lot of greenery for the background or base. Rosemary, in particular, is wonderful for this purpose. Also consider dried peppers, garlic and other interesting items.

You can bring herbs from your garden or buy them. For those who want a culinary wreath, Abel at On the Vine in Exeter at the Globe Plaza on Portsmouh Ave will be expecting ladies from the EAGC and will offer you larger amounts at a better price than the packages displayed. Do not wait till the last minute. Go a week before or so, as they may need to order extra to have sufficient quantities. Tendercrop Farm in Newbury, MA is a wonderful place to find all sorts of dried ornamental material.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

~ Connie & Lynda

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  1. I went to Tendercrop Farm yesterday and got some great materials for the wreath, including some lovely lavender. They do indeed have a large selection of dried plant materials and fresh herbs.

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