Summer Happenings

Although we don’t have formal meetings during July and August, we still manage to get together and have some fun.    While we talk about our gardens  and share ideas for the upcoming season, we manage to make a few decisions, as well.

In July we had one of those gatherings at Susan Canada’s house with our new Co-Presidents, Betsy and Jill, supplying the hot dogs and other members bringing the rest.  A plus for this day was to see Susan’s lovely gardens, a real treat.

 Here are some pictures from that day:


GMJly3 (2)

GMJly 4




GMJly3 (1)



On Wednesday, August 3, The  Environment & Conservation Committee sponsored the “Lemon Lollapalooza” at Paula Francese’s home in Exeter.   Lemon games were played, lemon costumes worn and lemon food was consumed.  Prizes were given for winners of the lemon toss and lemon quiz  and the for tangiest, zestiest and yellowest attire.  Make sure to look at all pictures to get to the winners!

Setting Up

Setting up

Lemony Ladies Galore:

Lovely Lemon Ladies

Lemon Ladies Here

Lemon Ladies ThereLemon Ladies  Lemon Ladies Everywhere

Lemon Ladies in the Shade

....More Lemon Ladies

….More Lovely Lemon Ladies

Lemon Lady Sue

Lemon Ladyfingers Paula

Lemon Ladyfingers Paula

Leomn Lady Ann

Lemon Lady Ann and Other Members

 Lemon Ladies describe their outfits:

Linda, "I didn't have lemons so I used limes!"

Linda, “I didn’t have lemons so I used limes!”

LLI wanted everyone to eat these                                                         Connie wanted everyone to eat her necklace of lemons!

Ann C.-"This is my Yellow Hat"

Ann C.-“This is my Yellow Hat”

The day would not have been complete without Lemon Games:

A little leg injury doesn’t stop Ann S. from tossing lemons

Max tries her hand at the lemon toss.

Linda Juggles Lemons!                                                             Linda Juggles Lemons!

A Luscious Lemony Luncheon was Served:





What's a Lemon Party without Lemon Sorbet

What’s a Lemon Party without Lemon Sorbet?


…..And the winners are:


Mas Forward and Donna Wilson Tied Winners in Lemon Quiz and Max Forward Winner in Lemon Toss







  Carol Chanasyk- Zestiest Winner                           


   Connie Gilmore-Yellowest Winner


                                                                                     Linda Broadbent-Tartiest Winner
                                         I didnt have lemons, so I used limes


Actually, everyone who attended was a winner and collectively thank the Environment and Conservation Committee for Sponsoring this Party.  It was the Lemoniest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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