Strange Tales From the Garden

Don’t Forget! October is the month for Spooky Stories!

Send the Webmaster your garden related Halloween pictures and stories (or write your own post!). She will be posting haunted garden happenings all month. Email is the best way to get them to her.


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2 thoughts on “Strange Tales From the Garden

  1. I don’t know how “spooky” this is, but about 8-10 years ago, I planted foxglove, 2 plants. They bloomed the first year and then nothing. Lo and behold, I had both plants bloom this year. At first, I thought it was a weed, of which I have many. Then I realized it was the old foxglove planted years ago.

    Go figure!

  2. Foxgloves must be wacky plants! I had a mutant blooming in my garden for a couple of years. I wrote a post about it. Search it out – look for “Mutant”. You’ll see….

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