Strange Little Orchid-Like Flower

For the past few seasons, I have noticed a strange little flower growing in my yard. It has volunteered and pops up where ever it wants. It looks a bit like a lily when it starts out. When it blooms, it has pretty, tiny orchid shaped flowers on a single stem. The color scheme is pale greenish white with mauve accents. It likes to grow in shaded spots. The biggest plants were about 17 inches tall. They have just reached the seeding stage, so I was hard pressed to get a good snap of the flowers, but managed to find one small plant still blooming. The blooms last a couple of weeks, I’d say. It is very easy to overlook the flowers on this plant because they are so small.

Does any one know what it might be? I looked at a few wild flower sites, but could not find anything quite like it. Betsy was visiting this week and thought they might be Coral Root, but mine do not really fit that description.

Thanks, Max

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One thought on “Strange Little Orchid-Like Flower

  1. This is a wild orchid, very common, to the point of being a weed. If you look closely at the flowers, you will be able to identify them a s very small orchids.

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