Spring Into Summer

It’s May Day!

Dancing 'round the May Pole

Dancing ’round the May Pole

What of it? It is the ancient holiday of Beltane, a day when the veil between worlds is thin and people may see fairies or other spirits. Beltane is what is called a corner holiday. It falls halfway between the equinox and the solstice, and is the calendar opposite of Halloween. Corner holidays mark the beginning of the seasons, while equinoxes and solstices mark the middle or height of the seasons.

One of the ancient and quaint customs for the celebration of May Day was dancing around a May Pole.¬† It is believed to be a survival of an early pastoral festival that accompanied the first turning of the herds out to wild pasture. The dancing was intended to increase fertility in the herds, fields and homes. May Day celebrations are still practiced¬† extensively¬† in the UK. In some parts of the United States, May Baskets are made. These are small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep.

So get out there and build a fairy garden, bring a neighbor a basket of flowers or dance around a tree!

May Day Baskets

May Day Baskets

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