Seed Lending Library

Susan C. sent us an article about a seed lending library. This week, The Boston Globe also had a story on this very topic. I had never heard of such a program.

seed packets

There was a librarian in New York who had a side interest of preserving heirloom seed varieties. He decided to combine his interests by adding the seeds to the library catalog so that library members could ‘borrow’ them, grow them at home and return saved seed at the end of the season. What an interesting idea! Perhaps we could do this within our club.

If you want to read more about this and find a source for heirloom seeds, check out the Hudson Valley Seed Library website. They have both certified organic and sustainably grown seeds available. I know you will want to grow Atomic Red Carrots, Moon Flowers and Gilfeather Rutabaga. Get them there! The site has also been added to the Resources section of our own website. You do use the resource section don’t you?

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