Salted Dried Tomatoes, Oh My!

As the warmer weather has lingered into October, so has my garden proliferation of tomatoes.  Although not as many as in the summer, enough that I now have to find another way to handle them as I am sauced out, souped out and juiced out.  My freezer is full, and I am not a canner.  Where to go???  To dehydrating!

Tomatoes are easy to dehydrate, whether you use a dehydrator or oven.  If you do not have a dehydrator, just set your oven to 180-200 degrees F.  Slice THICKLY and lay flat.  20131006_102042

You can just dry them plain or use a seasoned salt to add wonderful flavors.  I recently visited the Salt Cellar in Portsmouth, NH and picked up a selection of their infused salts.  20131006_094503What a fun little shop with amazing flavors — but be sure to bring a water bottle because you can sample every variety (trying the Italian White Truffle Salt is a must!)!  These flavors will go along way so you only need to add a little to your tomatoes.  Or try your own herb seasonings.

Once you slice and season your tomatoes, if you are drying them in the oven check them every 45 minutes or so, and more frequently as they begin to dry.  They should become leathery and not feel squishy in any places.  If some become dry before others, remove them from the tray and put the others back in to continue drying.  If they dry to long they will become too crispy and may even burn.  Store them in an airtight container and they will easily keep for a year.

Dried tomatoes are great for snacking, especially in the winter when the horrible, tasteless tomatoes appear in the grocery store and you long for the flavors of summer!  A good project for a rainy Sunday!  ~ Patti

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