5 thoughts on “Peachy Postcard

  1. It was just the peachiest keenest afternoon. Thanks to the wonderful ladies who worked so hard to put this together. The food was so yummy. I was surprised at how little I knew about peaches!!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon… friends, food and fun.
    So clever, so tasty… just peachy! Thanks again ladies of the committee.
    What next, indeed. Maybe a Lemonpalooza, a Limealisha Extravaganza?
    Sorry, one can get carried away with such fun.
    Nance, great job on the photo spread.

  3. Judging by my garden this year, I think we should try a Cucumber Soiree next summer. Thanks for photographing the festivities, Nance! There’s lots of peach happening in those pics!

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