Paradise On Earth

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. To see even more of the beauty to be found in this place, check out my website.

Here are  couple of teaser shots!    Max.

Yes, we got bananas!

Yes, we got bananas!

Costa Rica 6

Beautiful Countryside

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2 thoughts on “Paradise On Earth

  1. Max, Everything looked interesting and beautiful.
    Beautiful , colorful flowers today are a real treat.
    So glad you had a wonderful time with your friends and return feeling restored and rejuvenated.
    Anxious to see more photos. Visited your site, enjoyed seeing those great shots.

  2. I checked out the photos on your site as well, they are stunning. Love the beautiful vistas (except for maybe the crocodiles, which looked somewhat terrifying!). Thanks for sharing, we are happy you have returned!

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