NH Tomatillos — Who Knew??

I grew tomatillos last year for the first time and found they were very prolific.  I love Mexican flavors and found a wonderful recipe for green salsa.

This year I had a number of  tomatillo “volunteers” that set up shop in my pumpkin patch, so I was doing some research about them since there is no way they will be “ripe” before the frost sets in.  I was searching to see if I could do anything with the unripe ones.

Much to my surprise, although my first tomatillo recipe called for ripe tomatillos and I researched what was ripe, apparently slightly green tomatillos are preferred in Mexican cuisine. And they think the ripe ones are too sweet! So apparently they are not like tomatoes in that they have to be “ripe” to use and apparently have a similar flavor once they start to get a little big.

I am going to try to roast some and use them is a soup recipe I found.  So… I guess almost anything goes with these little guys so I am liking them even more my second year of growing them! I also saw a tip that says when frost threatens, pull up your tomatillo plants and hang them upside down in an unheated garage. The fruits will keep for at least a couple of months.
  ~  Patti
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