Need Organic Gardening Supplies?

NOFA-NH LogoThe Northeast Organic Farming Association offers ordering in Bulk quantities to NH farmers, gardeners and land care professionals.  You can partake in significant savings through group buying power and collective shipping. NOFA-NH members receive a 10% discount on the total order quantity.

Buy organic fertilizers, soil amendments, potting soil, cover crop seeds, and other farm and garden supplies AND help NOFA-NH support organic growing practices throughout the state.  They offer many products for all types of gardeners, even if you only are growing a lawn!  They have seed starting supplies, potting soil, fish emulsion, row covers, even potatoes.

Orders are due by Feb 14 and pick up day at the closest distribution area for us is in Rochester, NH, Sunday, March 17.

The NOFA-NH Website has a complete list of what you can purchase. Click this link for a PDF Order Form.

Happy Organic Gardening!

~ Patti

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