Make Your Own Holiday Candlestick

What a beautiful centerpiece a decorated candlestick would make. The Design committee is having a workshop to show you how you can make one of your very own.

Candlestick With O’Dapter

The workshop will be held on December 18 at the Senior Center in Exeter. Class starts at 2:00.

Connie brought in one of her candlesticks to the November meeting to show how the flowers are attached. A special holder called an O’Dapter is used. Oasis is placed into it for the flowers. Connie and Donna will be providing these to the class participants. The cost for class materials will be $3.00.


What you need to bring:

Candlestick & Candle

Fresh Flowers: to make it last, choose Carnations or Chrysanthemums

Greens: Ivy, Holly, Firs – something with drape is lovely (No Helmock – it dries out too quickly)

Ornaments: Glass Balls, Bells, Artificial Berry Sprays, Pine Cones, Ribbon, etc.

Be sure to bring your nippers!

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  1. Morning Donna….are there more indepth directions on how to make the most beautiful candle arrangement? I missed the class but thought at one time directions were posted. Thanks friend..Nance

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