Joan’s Famous Composting Worms

A Rind is a Terrible Thing to Waste, COMPOST!

At our last meeting, Joan O’Connor spoke about the virtues of worm composting. The above quote is an example of her wit. She gave a lively talk and got many of us excited about vermicomposting.

Joan O'Connor Newsclip

A girl, her dog and her worms.

With just a few easy to get items, anyone can make a good worm compost. Get yourself a couple of plastic bins, newspaper, peat moss, worms, worm food and good air circulation and you are in business. You can order you worms from Joan. The variety she sells, Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fetida) are the best for composting. They love most food scraps. No salt, meat, fish, dairy or oily foods please! Coffee grounds are a favorite. Joan provided several handouts at the meeting that explains everything you need to know about getting started. Some members have already ordered their worms. Visit Joan’s Website to order worms and get more info.

Another of Joan’s passions is the Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market which she founded. It is held every Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 2, January through March. With over 40 local vendors, it sounds worth the trip. Check it out on the Market Website. These links also appear in the link lists on the side bar.

Reported by Max

Winter Farmer Market

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3 thoughts on “Joan’s Famous Composting Worms

  1. I’m curious to know how Jill and Linda are getting along with their new worms. What are you feeding them and where are you keeping them?
    Are you talking to them, as suggested? Any recipes in mind? UGH!!

  2. I have some worms too! At first I thought I had killed them because when I opened the lid the day after I got started I saw all these pale white worm-like noodles, then I remembered I put some spaghetti in the composter for them…Should have chopped it up first because I have since learned they like their food in smaller pieces. I made them smoothies from my compost bucket. Yum… Not planning on eating the worms tho. Even if there is an apocalypse. Patti

  3. Linda & Jill were lucky to get their worms. I contacted Joan about picking up a batch, and she says it’ll be a couple of weeks before she has the time to get them ready for adoption. So I have worm envy!

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