Jackalope Sightings…

Jackalope on the run…*

*More like kidnapped! See the sordid tale on Max’s site.

20131027_150410The Jackalope was recently sighted in a groovy Halloween disguise… It is believed he was attempting to abscond with a basket of Halloween candy and was asked to leave his current location…


Jackalope Run 2

Later in the weekend he was seen landing at the home of this strange one-eared creature.  Jack seemed to be enamored with the statuesque bunny and sat enraptured as he gazed at her beauty… Perhaps this is the start of a great romance?


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4 thoughts on “Jackalope Sightings…

  1. why couldn’t they elope? I don’t know what you would call the offspring but the “purple people eater” song pops into my head thinking about that! maybe max could knit the bunny
    an antler!

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