I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Happy Jack!

Jackalope Christmas

He’s back home in time for the holidays. Such a bad boy!

A lump of coal is good enough for him!

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5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas

  1. Jack looks pretty happy to be snuggled in. As cold as it’s going to get, his chunk of coal can help with the heat. Everybody needs an adventure but we all know, “there’s no place like home”.

  2. Home for the holidays, no better place to be!! Thanks to Max for being a good sport about letting us share Jack and have some fun with him…waiting for the baby Jackalopes due in a couple of weeks!

  3. Well after all his adventures, it is time for him to return. I am sure the other “animals” at home are dying to hear his stories – especially the new chamelian. Don’t be surprised to see a pile of them surrounding him some morning when you come downstairs for coffee. He’s lead a “checkered” life!Welcome Home Jack!

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