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Clematis PruninBecky found a site which has a gardening newsletter and offers free downloads of gardening advice. One of the current offerings (see picture) is  instructions on how to prune your Clematis.

Clematis expert Dan Long, owner of Brushwood Nursery, takes the worry out of pruning clematis vines in his first free download. He provides step-by–step instructions for pruning clematis from the spring bloomers to fall blooming varieties as well as herbaceous clematis. Dan also shares stunning photos of his favorite clematis.

Get your copy today! Check out the Horticulture website for more information on getting the newsletter and free downloads.

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One thought on “Horticulture Newsletter

  1. I get the Horticulture newsletter and it has helpful tidbits. They tend to also send a lot of emails to sell gardening books, tools, etc, but if you can weed thru those (pun intended) they do often share some helpful seasonal information. Patti

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