Don’t Miss Out on Holiday Fun with the Garden Club

Check the Calendar! Check the Promise Tree!

The Promise Tree. Abby-Jane’s beautiful scarf sold at the last meeting.

There are all kinds of events coming up next month. Help our community by making decorations for the Historical Society and Meals-on-Wheels. Get your creative juices flowing by taking a candlestick decor workshop, learning to make pretty bows and decorating cookies. There are luncheons and brunches and cookie swapping events to spread good cheer. Make your life easy! Get your cookies made for you.

Lets not forget the Holiday Luncheon on December 13 at Wentworth By The Sea. Don’t forget to bring a wrapped $10.00 gift for the swap!

The Calendar or Promise Tree has a contact person identified so you can get in on the fun.

Get out there and celebrate the season!

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