Forcing Forsythia — Instant Spring!

Forsythia in Black Vase

Looking for a way to bring spring into your life while the snow flies outside?  Force some forsythia stems in a vase and you will have a quick pop of bright yellow color that will brighten your days until spring arrives.  It is easy to do!

You will read online many variations to forcing forsythia, they include putting cutting them underwater, smashing the ends with a hammer, add floral preservative, etc.  While all of the extra work may get you a few extra blossoms, you can just as easily go outside, cut handful of long forsythia branches on an angle with some sharp clippers, and pop them in some warm water.  Newer straight branches will have more flowers, but any branches will do. In a few days you will see the buds start to pop!

One important thing to do is to change the water in the vase at least every couple of days, it can get pretty smelly if you don’t.  When the flowers are spent, compost them and go out and cut some more branches.  A quick and easy way to add some instant spring to your home.  Get yours today! ~  Patti

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